15 Posing Tips to Make you Look Thinner in Photos

Do you hate having your picture taken? Avoid getting in front of a camera but hate that you're never actually in any family photos?

Yeah... me too. Really! Even though I'm a photographer I kick myself for never being in front of the camera but especially as a woman I am so dang critical of myself.

Does this sound like you too?

I'm going to guess you either think you look horrible in every photo or maybe you look awkward in every photo because you're self conscious and worried about the final outcome.

Whelp, lucky for you I wrote this blog post with tips and tricks I have from over 10 years of being a photographer and being a D1 dancer for Virginia Tech - you know like a Redskin's or Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader with the pom poms and photo ops, fan appearances, and ESPN cameras!

I’m using my experience as a NCAA dancer, professional photographer, and blogger to give you 15 posing tips to make you look thinner in pictures instantly!

15 Posing Tips to Make You Look Thinner in Pictures INSTANTLY!

Disclaimer: This is not to say you aren’t beautiful the way you are and that we shouldn’t accept the body we see in the mirror. These are intended to be tips on how to bring out the best in us, mask what we’re not so confident about, and reverse the unfortunate things that the camera can do! Um, yeah, count me out of adding 10 lbs to me because of a photo session!

Tip #1: Check your posture, show that neck!

Pull your shoulders way up to your ears and them push them down and back away from your ears. Not only will this elongate your neck and chin but it will also elongate and widen your shoulder width which will make your waist appear smaller. An even added bonus, if you squeeze your shoulder blades together a bit, you can actually hide some wider areas of your inner arms behind your ribs and perks up the boobies a little.

A funny tip I always tell families and couples is: the more awkward you feel the better it will actually look. This goes for all the group posing like having to sit awkwardly close to each other or hip to hip dancing with your significant other but it also goes for this posture tip. When you feel like you're pushing your chest out, have a giraffe neck, and are pinching your shoulder blades together - it's actually going to look like you've just got wonderful posture.

Tip #2: Tilt your hips back aka, stick that booty out!

I personally don't think people should try to have a thigh gap or not, like seriously, if you have a gap in between your legs do you even like cheeseburgers? Either way, it’s really easy to fake it or at least, slim up the look of your legs and smooth out the front of your tummy.. All you have to do is tilt your hips back to create space between your legs - basically you're going to put your hands on your hip bones and rock your butt back until you fingers point less forward and more downward.

Tip #3: Stand at an angle, put one leg in front of the other, lean into one leg.

Use angels and shadows to your advantage. Alway pull one hip slightly behind the other in regards to where the camera is located. Either placing your weight substantially in one leg or flat out putting one leg in front of the other will not only slim you but it will elongate your look and send the viewers eye upward like your legs are an arrow pointing to your beautiful face.

Tip #4: Never put arms flat against your body

You could have Olaf thin twig arms and it won't matter - if your arms are flat against your body and facing the camera then they will appear bigger. This is because there is no slimming space between your body and your inner arms. Allow some back light to shine through your silhouette slimming you. Turn your elbows away from the camera (see tip #1 for the shoulder blade pinch tip) and bend them slightly to create that silhouette.

Tip #5: Bend those lines, baby.

Do not stand up totally straight, especially if you're leaning up against a wall. You want to break up these harsh body lines by leaning into one leg more than the other (see tip #3) and leaving slight bends or angles in your hips, knees, and elbows. If you are leaning against something, arch your back to create a smooth waist.

Tip #6: Tuck your legs and cross your ankles when sitting down.

Plopping down like you're about to eat some candy at the fair isn't going to cut it. Be intentional about how and where you're putting your legs and ankles. If sitting flat on the ground, sit on one hip and extend bended legs, with crossed ankles, out to one side. If you'e a bit elevated, don't let your feet sit flat on the ground. Instead extend legs greater than 135º and cross at your ankles.

Tip #7: If you're asked to walk or pose straight forward, walk on your tip toes!

Especially in the grass, no one can tell if you're on your heels or not so if you walk on your tip toes, your legs and body will look instantly taller. Bonus is that in order to balance you'll have to correct posture and that all goes back to #1!