Could not be more excited to announce that I will be the official event photographer of NW Louisana's premiere Crossfit competition, WODGODZ.

Six years ago I was a hobbyist family and child photographer and an amateur Crossfit athlete. I would bring my handy dandy camera along for workouts and such at my box, Crossfit SBC, and I fell in love with the artistic license I was allowed when taking athletic photography. Crossfit photography doesn't have to be crisp, pretty, bright and colorful. In face, the grungier, more raw I could capture the athleticism and struggle, the better!

I dearly love capturing sweet moments between families and children but this passion project of mine is blossoming and I'm stoked to be able to spend 16 hours over a weekend capturing the talent that is coming to Shreveport, Louisiana for the 3rd annual WODGODZ competition.