The Journey

I operate differently here with my HNP couples, families and wedding. I believe that in this day of digital photography we're loosing the art of print and having cherished images in our home that we can pass onto our children but at the same time, I'm a mom that totally gets sometime you just want some dang digitals to throw up on Facebook and update the family with.

For this reason, I'm not your typical photographer who is going to never meet you, shoot your session, and throw some digital files at you and hope you figure it out. I'm going to hold your hand the whole way cultivating, first a friendship, and then a journey that fulfills all of your needs as a couple, family, parent.

For wedding specifically I invest so much time and energy into you and your wedding day from the very beginning. I offer everything from elopement coverage to full day with complete release of all high resolution digitals to you. I pride myself on establishing lasting relationships with my couples and I would be honored to meet up with you to chat about photographing your perfect day!



Families, Maternity, Engagements, Children and any other session that includes both posed, planned, and candid images.

Starting at $150


Live event coverage for military ceremonies, proposals, birthdays, or any other need for capturing raw, real time emotion in photographs.

Starting at $300

Weddings & Elopements

All weddings and elopement packages include all digital images.

Starting at $1500

"Do you still log into Myspace? Yeah me neither... what happens if Facebook or Instagram disappear too?"


I want to know your personalities, needs, and create an entire, fun, awesome experience around your session.

Are ya'll a horse owning, country family? Then probably not doing a posey-posey session in Downtown Shreveport is going to best showcase ya'lls uniqueness as a family. Do you not have any kids but have a bunch of dogs? Then we probably shouldn't be doing a session at a playground, ya know? So hot darn, it is impossible for me to quote you on price for anything if I don't know your family, your personalities, and what you desire as an end result.

Can I tell you a little story? My husband came home in October 2018 after just a few hours of work. He doesn't come home for lunch or anything and I knew instantly something was wrong. His grandfather had died in his sleep. Completely unexpectedly.

Then just this past summer our 8 year old beloved German Shepherd Mix, Gunner, went to a vet appointment for, what I thought, was hip problems, all for him to die 2 hours later.

Why the sob stories?

Well, 2 reasons...

1. I am a photographer and I did not have a SINGLE IMAGE of either of these so, so cherished and beloved family members printed and on display in my home.

Not a single one. They were all on Facebook - which means my children had absolutely no images of these people (fun babies) that they had any access to view.

2. I became painfully aware of how important it is for me to get in front of the camera on a more regular basis with the people that I love.

I had professional quality images of both Gramps and Gunner with my kids, my husband, but almost NONE with me in them. Almost, freaking, none. And the ones I did had were years and years old.

Lessons learned: Whatever social media we are posting on could and likely will die someday. Do you still log into Myspace? Yeah me neither... what happens if Facebook or Instagram disappear too? What if servers or something crash? What if all of our images are lost? No kidding, my kid's entire childhood would be lost because I am just now working on getting so much printed.