I've spent the entirety of my 33 years on earth as a military dependent. My father committed 35 years of dedicated service to the US Navy and my husband is on his 10th year in the US Air Force. Between being an event planner for military retirements and promotions as well as the many many years of attending every type of promotion, homecoming, ceremony, retirement, commissioning, pinning give me such a unique perspective to these incredible events.

I believe in a documentary/journalistic style of photographing these ceremonies to capture all of the standard documentary images but also capturing all of the emotion, pride, and excitement surrounding these unique and memorable events.

Contact me to start our relationship and build the concept for capturing your military event, homecoming, or promotion.

Airport military family homecoming deployment camo
Battalion military unit homecoming deployment camo
Airport military family homecoming deployment camo
Flight line B52 military family homecoming deployment flight suit
Air Force commissioning ceremony Virginia Tech ROTC Salute Office
B52 military retirement couple looking with pride at son's retirement BUFF flight line
Army unit military family homecoming deployment camouflage couple
Instagram military homecoming B52 BUFF wife waiting for husband

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